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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Archer Farms Coconut Macaroon Granola

I'm glad Target spells "macaroon" the American way. When I've reviewed "macarons," it just feels wrong each time I type the word. Not only did Archer Farms get the spelling right, but they got the taste right, too. There's definitely a coconutty sweetness about this cereal, and maybe even a hint of macaroonishness as well.

Of all the exotic cereals I've tried from AF, I think this one might take the cake, er...take the macaroon? I've reviewed eight of them now, I think. To find them all, just click on the "Breakfast" label in the side bar and scroll down through the reviews or just type "cereal" in the search bar near the top of the page.

There are actual bits of coconut in this cereal, and it's perfectly sweet. Nice and dessert-ish, but not over-the-top, rot-your-teeth-out, death-wish kind of sweet. You definitely won't have to add any extra sugar, but you won't feel sick after eating it, either.

It's a "drink-the-sugary-milk-out-of-the-bowl" sort of experience, but somehow there's a sophisticated twist. I'm thinking this stuff would be a hit with adults or kids. It's a definite winner. And if you're new to this blog and you think I'm some kind of undercover Target employee or Archer Farms marketing guru, just read my review of the Ribs Chips or the Bacon Carbonara Lunch Bowl. Maybe I'm just biased towards cereal. I've always loved cereal. Lots of great memories waking up on a Saturday morning and watching Smurfs with a great big bowl of some sweet milk and grains...

I give this cereal 9 out of 10 stars.

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