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Monday, June 14, 2021

Favorite Day Orange Crème Trail Mix

What is this new devilry? Favorite Day? We just got used to "Good & Gather," and really I would say we're just tolerating GAG, rather than embracing it. Are you trying to confuse us, Target? If so, mission accomplished.


Honestly, I like "Favorite Day" better than most of those homespun Targety brand names. It's happy. "What day is today, Piglet?" "The day we eat some orange creme trail mix from Target, Pooh." "My favorite day!" Yep. A.A. Milne would approve.

I've never had orange creme trail mix ever before from this brand or any other. It sounds delicious. Let's dig in.

First impressions: one of the best tasting trail mixes I've ever had from Target or anywhere else. Absolutely dessert-tastic.

Let's go in order of the ingredients' prevalence in the mix. First, there are lots and lots of dried cranberries and dried mango pieces. Fruit is always good in a trail mix. They taste sweet and tangy and are fairly high quality by my estimation. I've had a lot of dried fruit in my day, so you can trust my semi-expert opinion.

Next, I'd say the next most ubiquitous element in the bag are the white chocolate chips. They provide a vanilla creme-esque element to the mix. They're sweet and creamy and will melt rapidly if the ambient temperature reaches the mid-80's. 

Likewise, the orange candy cups will smear gobs of pastel goo all over your fingers, hands, and mouth if it's hot and you're not careful. Be prepared to do some finger-lickin', because they're not only uber-melty in the summer heat, but they're also really, really tasty. 

The cashews are cashews. I didn't notice much seasoning. Nor could I conceive of a seasoning that might go well with cashews and orange creme. Who cares? They're mostly good whole cashews.

Finally the vanilla creme almonds—they're the scarcest commodity in the bunch. They also might be the best. This product might have received our first perfect score in a long, long time had there been plentiful quantities of these vanilla creme almonds. They're sweet, crunchy, nutty, and delicious. I think there are about five in the whole bag. Boo.

Still, even considering the obvious dearth of vanilla creme almonds, this is a must-purchase if you like orange creme, orange creamsicles, orange dreamsicles, or 50/50 bars, or just things flavored like desserty orange. I hope we see more of this Favorite Day line of foods and I hope it's all this good.

I give this trail mix 9 out of 10 stars.

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