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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Favorite Day Mini White Fudge Dipped Sandwich Cookies

The wifey ordered this little snack bag from and it arrived with all the cookies fused together from the summer heat. What? Don't FedEx trucks have air conditioning?

They still taste pretty good. They remind us of those old circus animal cookies with frosting and sprinkles. Mother's brand. Remember those? Except these have a creamy filling, too.

They're very vanilla-y. They're crispy, creamy, crunchy, and crumbly. I'd say they're a lot like birthday cake, flavor-wise. Obviously, they aren't soft like cake, but it's still a very birthday-ish vibe IMO.

I'm thinking most folks would find these pretty tasty, especially kids with a sweet tooth. I rarely find myself wanting anything this sweet these days, but if I get the munchies, I'll easily down a couple of these puppies. Hopefully the wife will beat me to it, though. This isn't exactly diet food and I don't need to get any further out of shape than I already am.

I'll score these as if I actually wanted super sugary sandwich cookies and not as a grumpy old man resenting the fact that I only have unhealthy snacks in the house right now.

I give these cookies 8 out of 10 stars.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Good & Gather Probiotic Fruit & Yogurt Trail Mix

This furthers my suspicions that GAG is now representing what Simply Balanced once did: Target's kinda healthy-ish foodstuffs. And Favorite Day is taking the place of Archer Farms: normal, not-so-healthy treats and indulgent trail mixes. Good & Gather Probiotic Fruit & Yogurt Trail Mix is a healthy-esque trail mix that not only features two kinds of fruit, but probiotic yogurt-covered cranberries. Woohoo. Let's dive in.

First up: dried sweetened cranberries and blueberries. If we're trying to be nutritious here, GAG, we should avoid added sugars. I would have been fine with dried berries without added sweeteners. But whatevs. They taste good and there's plenty of 'em in the bag.

Next: yogurt-flavored cranberries with probiotic. Yogurt flavored cranberries? Wouldn't yogurt covered cranberries be more accurate? And they're "with probiotic"? Probiotic what? Why'd your team of marketing geniuses decide on this diction instead of "
Probiotic yogurt-covered cranberries"? Or why not "Cranberries with probiotic yogurt"? Again, whatever. They taste like normal yogurt-covered cranberries. Nice and plump. I like these.

Thirdly: almonds. Self-explanatory. Honestly, there weren't that many almonds in my trail mix. I wouldn't have minded more in this instance.

Last up: Greek-style yogurt confectionery chips. They're not just globs of vanilla-flavored sugar. They're made of Greek yogurt and therefore are good for you. Slick. They're okay.

The overall flavor is quite sweet, fruity, and there's plenty of vanilla creaminess. But now that I'm near the bottom of the bag, the whole thing seems overly salty. Would I purchase again? Probably not. $6.49 for the resealable 9 oz bag.

I give this healthy-ish trail mix 6 out of 10 stars.

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