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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Favorite Day Heart Shaped Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies

Time for an obligatory heart-shaped sweets review. It's February, after all.

It's the season for American men to gift chocolate and cookies and other fattening foods to their significant others to let them know that they'll love them even if they're fat. As an aside, I will state plainly here and now that my wife is NOT fat at all which, of course, I would state publicly even if she were on the chubby side. However, she's actually in really amazing shape right now...although I would love her just as much even if she weren't.

Kudos, wifey. You deserve some shortbread cookies with chocolate chips in them. Pretty sure she likes these a bit more than I do.

They're just plain old red shortbread. The chocolate chips are a nice touch. I wouldn't have minded more chocolate chips. Sonia would have preferred perhaps a tad fewer chocolate chips. There are maybe 5 or 6 mini chocolate chips in each heart. So the chocolate content is significant, but not overwhelming. The chips are made of milk chocolate, by the way, rather than dark.

There's a "sharing suggestion" on the back of the box that mentions melting white chocolate and dipping these cookies in it. We actually had white chocolate chips on hand and we tried melting them for that purpose. Have you ever tried melting white chocolate chips? Apparently, it's not something you do in the microwave. Anyway, the white chocolate basically hardened before we could get much of it on the cookies, but we can verify that yes, these do taste good when paired with white chocolate. I'm sure vanilla icing would work, too.

Cutesy? Check. Gimmicky? Check. Edible? Absolutely.

Amazing? No. Life-changing? Not by a long shot.

$2.99 for the package of about 21 cookies. If it were up to me, I wouldn't buy these again, but like I said the beautiful wifey likes them, so I'd pick 'em up for her. Happy Valentine's, peeps.

I give these shortbread cookies 7 out of 10 stars hearts.

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