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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Archer Farms Parmesan Garlic Potato Chips

It's been a while since we've taken a look at Archer Farms potato chips. Let's see...I think these Sweet Potato Chips might have been the last ones we reviewed, a full two years ago already. Can you believe May 2015 was two whole years ago?? Time flies.

And I'm very grateful that my long hiatus from AF chips was ended by such an excellent product. It's got the same reasonable $2.79 price tag and the same resealable ziplock-at-the-top bag as we've seen many times before.

But the flavor of these chips is great. Especially if you love parmesan cheese and garlic, which fortunately, I do.

The parmesan hits your tongue first. There's something warm and comforting about the flavor. It doesn't taste like a dusting of grated parmesan. It actually tastes like a big block of the cheese, like the one displayed on the artwork on the packaging, has been seamlessly interwoven into each chip. It's not an overwhelming flavor, but it's just right—enough to know you're not eating plain potato chips, but not so much to bowl you over.

Likewise, the garlic adds a nice earthy, herby essence to the finish that prompts one to grab another handful and keep munching. I'm sure it's enough to give you "garlic breath," so be ready with mints if you've got a hot date lined up for later.

The texture is quite firm and rigid. It's the typical "kettle chip" consistency. In all honesty, I prefer a "softer" chip, but the maximum crunch factor worked here just fine.

These chips are pretty addictive. My wife likes them a lot, too. It looks like we'll have this bag polished off by the end of the day, having just opened them yesterday. They're good enough that I'll definitely be visiting that chip aisle again soon to see what other delicious snacky morsels AF has been developing lately...

I give these chips 8 out of 10 stars.

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