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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Favorite Day Holiday White Chocolate Mini Pretzels

Well, I've reverted back to this blog's original blogspot domain in case you hadn't noticed, partly due to a lack of traffic and partly due to the fact that GoDaddy sucks. I probably won't be posting on this blog quite as often, but if I come across something interesting from Target, I'll be sure to throw up a quick line or two to let you all know. In the mean time, What's Good at Trader Joe's? will be entering its 15th year of reviews soon and is still going strong.

My wife apparently bought these off of recently and they just appeared in our office. Not sure why she chose these. She's not the biggest white chocolate gal. Maybe it's because I like white chocolate. Aww, how selfless of her. I like chocolate/candy coated pretzels, too, in general.

However, I've never been a big fan of Christmas snacks that are only "Christmas" because the packaging tells me so or they just added green and red food coloring. Know what I mean? At least throw in some cranberries or figs or peppermint or something tangibly Christmassy.

Sorry, I meant holiday-ish. I don't mean to exclude non-Christians here. But whatevs. These coated pretzels are exactly what you'd expect. They're small, salty, sweet, and crunchy.

When there are sweets and salty snacks and cookies and candies every-freaking-where for over a month from late November into the early new year, I feel like you really have to choose which treats to indulge in. These pretzels barely make the cut, but at the same time, it's hard to punish a product for simply being exactly what you knew it would be. Sometimes I feel the same way about people.

But now we're waxing a bit too philosophical for a food blog, aren't we? Let's keep it simple, folks. It is what it is.

Three bucks for the 6 oz resealable bag. Probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy this product again, but I never know when I'll get a white chocolate covered pretzel craving, so I can't rule it out completely.

I give this holiday snack 7 out of 10 stars.

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